"Let's give up hope that the "others" will change, we are all the solution!" 

Dear interested men and women,
Over the past few weeks, I have been unable to avoid looking at the images of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria again and again. 

What touched me most deeply - tears flowed down my cheeks every time - was when people were pulled out from under the rubble, the ashes, the destroyed houses. 

I felt the terror, the fear, the horror - and the relief, the bright joy when a person, man, woman, child, old or young, baby or old man... was freed from the rubble.

This is how I experience my work - not to the extent of these terrible traumas, of course, which are incomparable.

We are often buried under old experiences, concepts, notions and ideas - under lifeless and gray patterns.

We are often frozen in the trauma of the now or what we have experienced in the past - we feel numb, empty, without hope - in the rut of the same old daily routine, as functioning machines. Sometimes we feel anxious, depressed and lonely.

We break out by over-consuming, traveling constantly, taking drugs, watching TV, being addicted to media... to escape our pain.

Sometimes our experience of the world is shattered by a sudden event, an illness, an accident - a burn-out, the loss of a loved one...

Many young people take their own lives in the face of disasters and their own numbness and hopelessness. And we deny it, we look away.

Let's help each other - get out of the cold of being separated and warm each other!
Let's celebrate life together, pull ourselves out of the garbage of a greying existence with bare hands and open hearts!
Let's greet strangers, feel compassion, love nature - respect ourselves and each other!
Let us become grateful again for small things - a warm meal, a hot shower, the look of someone we know!
"Let us become awake and aware of what living, loving and liberated life means - what love of being means!"

Many thanks for your - your - our Inter-Esse, the response, your touch
Eva Gold

"True compassion dissolves separateness, division and loneliness. The unity that we are at our deepest becomes tangible - becomes the breath, the moving ground of our being."

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