Nothing existed before in exactly this form. Everything is always new - from moment to moment. Amazement and unbridled laughter arise from the "Beginner's Mind".


About me

What moves me in life?

Inner growth, development of meaningful, joyful and fulfilled human existence, both of individuals and of groups, companies, projects..., development of potential.

Questions can be:

  • Who am I - are WE essential?
  • How does change happen?
  • What makes sense?
  • What is true freedom?
  • How do WE support suffering - and how joy, fulfillment, liveliness...?
  • What can I - can WE - consciously contribute to peacefulness, the ability to love, humor, humanity ..., beauty in the world?
  • How can WE learn to understand the environment as our own inner world?
  • How can WE make clear, inter-intelligent, sustainable decisions?

And I will continue to learn, research and marvel in the future ...



Only by finding answers can I - can we - take on living and free responsibility.
I have chosen my training courses accordingly - here is an excerpt:

  • Studied German language and literature, theater studies, University of Munich
  • Medical studies, University of Innsbruck

Training paths to become a psychotherapist:

  • Psychoanalytic self-therapy
  • Catathymic Imaginative Psychotherapy, Prof. Lang, Salzburg
  • Psychotherapy for physicians, balint group work, Prof. Wessiak, Innsbruck
  • Growth-oriented family therapy according to Virginia Satir, Lindau, Berlin
  • Bibliodrama and psychodrama, Klaus Stangier and Cornelia Klein-Stangier, Cologne
  • Art therapy training, Forum Multimedialer Ausdruck, Vienna
  • Systemic constellation work, Zist Penzberg, e.g. Albrecht Mahr, Brigitte Groß...
  • Organizational Constellations, Matthias Varga von Kibed, Munich
  • School of Life (The Diamond Approach) according to H.A. Almaas, Hunter Beaumont and Gila Rogers
  • Trauma therapeutic interventions, Logosynthesis, Peter Levine, Willem Lammers

I have been working in this field for 30 years now, becoming a psychotherapist, supervisor, but even more a mediator of systemic attitude and everyday presence, living and fulfilled consciousness. I am available as a coach, mentor, tutor and speaker in economic, political, social, cultural and private contexts.

I look forward with all my heart to being there for you - and your company, your team, your organization, your family ... - with my growing expertise, if it is right for you. Thank you very much.


"It was a great gift for me to be part of Eva Gold's very first training course. Eva is a role model for me in terms of gentleness, mindfulness and a loving approach to people, their issues and destinies.

I was able to learn from her a great respect for working with people's souls and have observed many a miraculous solution through her work. It is wonderful that there are people like Eva who, with their wisdom, competence and strength of heart, can help other people to bring their own potential into the world."


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