I am in Richmond Park - the air fresh, deep breath - I walk more freely, my arms swinging, my gaze moving.

A wonderful experience on the river:

I stop breathlessly - in front of me - a great egret. It stands motionless in the soft light - the silhouette wonderfully curved - silhouette of light.

A man with a dog comes around the bend - the dog starts running towards the bird.

It rises silently - flying along the river in my direction - the wings without any movement - a glide - silvery - a meter or less above the silver of the river - carried by the current of the river - probably a light wind current. I feel as if I am flying with it.

I'm amazed - this lightness, grace, buoyancy - something in me understands the concept of "FLOW" more deeply than ever before.

Carried - open - wide - without effort and full of trust - in connection with the environment, which is actually the inner world.

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