Transformations are not actually transformations towards something new. They let hurt, empty, agitated, hindered... states sink back into the past. It feels quiet, calm, gentle, strong and clear. Transformations are a return to the essential, to being.

a week of self-EXPLORATION, healing and deep transformation - COMING CLOSER TO MY REAL SELF


Arrival on the 5 th of August 2024 at 3 p.m. We begin at 5.p.m. with our Introduction you will get the full time table for the whole week.

AMBIENTE: Hotel Retter, Styria - Ecology at its best!!!

RETTER BIO-NATUR-RESORT, Pöllauberg 88, A 8225 Pöllauberg Styria
T+43 3335 2690, Fax DW 99,,

! Travel and accommodation costs are not included in the seminar fee. We kindly ask you to personally make the reservation of the room and to directly settle it with the Hotel Retter! Thank you 


€ 2.500,- for the transformational week, led by me, Eva
(€ 1.400,- for students and people with very little income)

I will take the booking myself:, T+43 699 12540155

My assistant Manuela Loos will send you the invoice and further information regarding the organization:

After invoicing and payment within one week, your place is guaranteed and binding.
Whatever help, assistance ... you need, I will kindly help you - with Bokkings, Shuttle ... and Manuela will be there too.

I thank you for your openness, trust, your honest interest and possible transformation, which will change your experience of the world and therefore the world itself
Eva Gold

A Week of Self-Exploration, Healing and deep Transformation
Coming Closer to my Real Self

Transformation, Inner Growth and therefore Innovation of our Lives open themselves as natural Movements of the Soul.

Suffering - Longing - The Real Self - Love, Compassion, Oneness - Immense Joy - Beingness

Dear Human(e) Beings, Women, Men and Members of the LGBTQ-Community,

We already have two wonderful gifts in our luggage:

We are suffering our "Hamsters in a Running Wheel" life, which is not real, which often feels empty, meaningless and unfulfilled - or disturbed an angry.
Often we feel as strangers regarding our own lives. We are sitting in the audience, wondering, whether this would be just a dream. Sometimes we are taken over by loss, illness and pain, lost in an abyss of drowning thought forms.

In our busy-ness, our everyday life suffering we forget who we really are - and we arelonging for our Real Self.

We are Love, Compassion and Oneness.

We totally forget, that we are incomparable miracles, wonders. That Body, Soul, Spirit and Live Itself are an inseparable Oneness. That we are Love and that we are loveable. That we can be passionate, warm and understanding. That we are precious just because we are - here and now. That we can be Mind-full - full of the One Mind - and cleared of our personal disturbed mind.

The processes in this week are:

How does suffering create itself - and how can I overcome it?
Who am I - behind the layers of identity?
How do Meaning and Fulfillment take place in my - this world?
How can I support the appearance of my Real Nature and become Compassion and Love?
How can I live Peace, Warmth and Understanding and create peaceful and sensitive relationships?
How can I - Consciousness - transform myself?

The Themes might be:

Finding, more becoming! my Real Health, Prosperity, Meaning/Profession, Relationships (Partners and/or Friends), Home, Spirituality ...

The answers - therefore our growing responsibility (meaning finding the responses) - are supported by the Presence, Calmness and Inner Clarity of the whole group - by us all.

And Immense Joy appears - without doing, without intention - just as Beingness. 

The caterpillar is - in its innermost nature - a wonderful butterfly - unknowingly widening its colorful and tender wings.



"Eva manages to touch every single person at their pure core and lovingly take our often fragile souls by the hand.
She reminds us that the only thing that matters - and is possible! - to be "just" living life."

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