For days I have been touched by two suicides of young people that I am aware of:

An almost child of 16 threw himself out of a window after he was dismissed and lost his job. Although the mother's supervisor offered to give him work again. Why?

Another young man in the USA took his own life, even though - according to the news - he had really achieved everything, yes everything (in the USA, suicides by people under 35 are the second most common cause of death!)

He had a high-ranking degree from an American university.
He had a good home.
He was very successful as a recognized athlete.
He was already engaged - to the right girlfriend/wife, of course ....

So he was "On Top of The Game" - Elite.
So what was it that wounded him so much that he wanted to die?

What makes us young people - or many others - so desperate, so much so that we no longer want to live - better, this!!!! no longer want to live?

Maybe it's that society's dream of what we should achieve, who we should be, is not our dream at all.
Maybe it's that we no longer just want to be loved, recognized, seen, BECAUSE we are right, we function.
Maybe it's because we - so far - believe the environment that we are worthless if we have no money, no success, no power.
Maybe everything we have achieved seems pointless and empty, life grey - the future meaningless.

No - not "maybe" - for me it is certain that we have learned to believe what is not true in depth.

The world around us is so presumptuous as to believe that it can measure us.

For me - in reality for all of us - it is palpable that we humans are in truth not to be measured.
Not only are we not too presumptuous - we are immeasurable, incomparable - simply miracle-full, full of miracles, because we are. Because we are Pure Being.
We are living life that manifests itself this way now and then that way the next moment - constantly changing.

Value - full - always!!!!   

Eva Gold

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