By chance, I was walking in Vienna's pedestrian zone near the opera last night. Suddenly, violin notes reach my ear, subtle but clear.

And magically attract me.

I meet a group of people, about 80 - 100 people. Some of them are sitting in a circle on the floor, mainly young people. Everyone is listening intently.

A violinist on a bench, devoted to classical pieces, Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven.

I sit down, next to me a completely drunk person, shouting loud comments in an Eastern language... Nothing disturbs - even these sounds part. His dog, a still very small, big-pawed dog, stretched out, its head on the man's lap, also seems to be listening.

Carrying pieces, slow, melting - yes sweet - no kitsch, unadulterated

Wild gypsy music - the feet dance, the hands clap

Deep sounds that touch the heart, the senses and close the eyes

In between, pauses, silence - a search for the next piece - nothing prepared

Most touching is the violinist himself: He is Romanian, ageless and young - his feet beat his playing - his eyes fire, sadness, enchanting laughter, devotion. His body is his instrument.

He is enthusiastic, becomes the music. He doesn't play the violin, the violin plays him.

A girl - sitting on the ground, cold asphalt - begins to cry, she sobs - two other girls embrace her, tears stream down their faces too - then laughter again.

I feel the same way - tears flow, smiles, something is so beautiful, it is unspeakable, peaceful, whole. Time and space stand still.

People pure joy.

I sit for longer than an hour, timeless.

What makes the difference? What is the difference between this moment and others in which you listen for a moment - aha, Mozart, beautiful - linger briefly and then move on?

It is true beauty, brilliance of play, freedom, purposelessness. This person plays because he likes to play, just like that, giving himself from the heart. And that he earns money in the process - a gift. That's how I want to live.

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